ESKOM Rebate

Electricity prices have sky rocketed and its not just locally but globally as well with the crude oil prices increasing and the price of fossil fuel that gets used to run electricity plants have escalated too.  Natural resources are at a minimum and just seem to be ever decreasing.  It has become a global concern and one that needs to be addressed with the utmost priority, everywhere, everyone is suffering.  But South Africa is a huge concern and is suffering more than others.  It has become a huge problem overnight.  Eskom, our country’s electricity provider can no longer keep up with the electricity requirements of South Africa and we, the inhabitants, are suffering for it.

In the 1990’s electricity was abundantly available and the government, in an attempt to keep costs at a low, shut down three of our coal power plants.  Even though numerous warnings were voiced stating that future infrastructures need be upgraded and maintained, it fell on deaf ears. Our rate of economic growth has been enormous but we need electricity in order to run these businesses and power our homes.  Eskom has embarked on a massive infrastructure upgrade, but alas this will take a number of years to materialize.
In order to aid in this debacle we need to come together and help in every way we can, whether it be by using less electricity then so be it.  Shifting blame isn’t going to solve anything.
So while South Africa has a limited amount of coal powered electricity plants, what we do have is plenty of sunlight.  Solar energy is a definite and positive and cost-effective answer to our never ending electricity problems.  Eskom rebates are being offered when installing solar geysers.
Eskom rebates are being offered on the following; Eskom will give rebates on water heater installations and you need to make sure that the supplier you choose to use will claim the rebate and offer you the special discounted price or whether you will need to pay the full price and claim the Eskom rebate from Eskom yourself.
To claim the Eskom rebate yourself, all you need to do is submit a claim form provided to you by your registered supplier/installer.  Please note that in order to claim an Eskom rebate you must install a registered system and use a registered installer.  Both you and the supplier/installer must complete the claim form and it must be signed off by a qualified electrician.  You must then submit it to a facilitating auditor that oversees payments and then you can either post it off or drop it off into one of the designated drop-boxes.  You will receive your rebate within 8 weeks of receipt of your completed claim.
Solar power doesn’t use petrol or fuel sources and doesn’t take away from our dwindling resources, it is just as it states, solar power, pure energy from the sun and isn’t a threat to our environment at all.  It is cost-effective and it works.  It is plentiful and renewable and can be stored for later use.  It sends a message to your electricity provider that their ways will no longer be tolerated and other methods are available.