Solar Savings

What are the potential savings with SunScan solar geysers?

Approximately R5000 this year escalating to R9700 in the next two years based on a 25% increase per year.

Payback Period - Approxamately 3 years

Eskom rebates are being offered when installing solar geysers provided it is a registered system from a registered supplier / installer. The Eskom rebate can either be claimed by the supplier and taken off the cost of the system or you can cover the full cost of the system and claim the rebate yourself.

To claim the Eskom rebate yourself, all you need to do is submit a claim form provided to you by your registered supplier/installer. Please note that in order to claim an Eskom rebate you must install a registered system and use a registered installer. Both you and the supplier/installer must complete the claim form and it must be signed off by a qualified electrician. You must then submit it to a facilitating auditor that oversees payments and then you can either post it off or drop it off into one of the designated drop-boxes. You will receive your rebate within 8 weeks of receipt of your completed claim.